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Becoming a Hospice Volunteer

Hospice VolunteersVolunteer services are an integral component to our Hospice Team’s approach to holistic patient care and family unit support. In Hospice, we pride ourselves on making the lives of the patients and family caregivers more comfortable, so they can focus on the time they have left with their loved ones.

We are interested in compassionate and mature candidates who enjoy and are able to give personal time and companionship to support adults who are facing terminal illnesses and their families. Volunteers are not expected to perform hands-on physical or personal care, or to transport patients, their families or caregivers.

We strongly encourage anyone who has experienced a significant personal loss to wait at least a year before applying to become a Hospice Volunteer.

Sharing Talents, Skills and Interests…

Volunteer playing guitar for patientYou will be an integral part of the Hospice program by becoming a volunteer and sharing your personal talents and interests.

Did you ever consider that your talents, skills and interests may be “gifts” to others?

Think of these examples:

  • Do you enjoy providing socialization and companionship?
  • Do you enjoy reading to others?
  • Do you like the idea of being a friendly visitor?
  • Do you enjoy talking about current events, listening to personal stories, reading, writing letters, playing games?
  • Do you enjoy listening to or playing soothing music?
  • Do you like to help with light household tasks—doing dishes, raking leaves, arranging flowers, gardening, or decorating for holidays?
  • Do you like helping with errands for the family—picking up the dry-cleaning or groceries?
  • Can you offer alternative support such as massage, Reiki or pet therapy?

A Volunteer’s presence, visits and his/her services may be a valuable support resource for a family that needs help and comfort during their Hospice journey.


Answers to Key Questions…

How do I get started as a Volunteer?

Prospective candidates must:

  • Complete the Hospice application forms,
  • Provide references,
  • Participate in an interview with the Volunteer Coordinator,
  • Not have had a significant personal loss in the past year,
  • Undergo a background check, and
  • Register for and complete the next scheduled training, which includes 20 hours of education provided by McLean’s Hospice Team in a classroom setting.

How do I procure an application package?

Contact the Coordinator by email at:

or call Deborah at 860-658-8260

Are there other requirements for maintaining an active status as a volunteer?

Yes, there are. Annually, volunteers must have documented proof they have a negative TB test or chest X-ray, complete six in-services selected from the 11 that we offer as continuing education, and continue in good standing to participate in assigned patient support, office administration, or project work.