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Our Hospice Team

McLean Hospice is dedicated to improving the comfort of patients and their families as they journey through the end-of-life. Our McLean Hospice team prides itself on creating order out of chaos. Consider calling McLean Hospice early in your end-of-life journey so we can make a difference in the way you and your loved one live.


Our team includes:

  • Registered nurses – who are board certified in Hospice care and experts in pain and symptom management
  • Social workers – who as licensed professionals will assist with the emotional aspects of living with your disease, as well as provide emotional support, financial assistance or whatever is needed
  • Spiritual counselors – who are masters prepared counselors and will assist you with defining the meaning, purpose and value of your life
  • Homemakers and home health aides – who provide hands-on care, such as bathing and grooming or light housekeeping
  • Kevin Baran MD, MPH - who provides hospice expertise and consultant services as appropriate
  • Specially trained volunteers – who provide social support and alternative therapies, such as pet therapy, Reiki, massage and music
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapists, dieticians
  • A majority of staff that are either board certified or masters prepared